Welcome to Beachside BAS Consultant

If you're a small business on the Tweed and Gold Coasts, looking for BAS and Bookkeeping services, then look no further.  Grab a cuppa and relax with what Beachside has to offer!

As a small business owner, are any of the following stressing you out?

  • Are you spending too much of your precious spare time on paperwork?

  • Is your BAS always lodged past the due date?

  • Constantly having to chase up customer payments?

  • Need help forecasting your cash flow and tax debts?

  • Needing a bookkeeper?

Whether you’re a business that requires your own software and training, or a business with a shoebox filing system, Beachside has you covered.  A reliable mobile BAS and bookkeeping service covering the Tweed and Gold Coasts.

Here's how we can help you relax:

  • Timely and accurate bookkeeping, performed by a registered BAS Agent.

    Registered BAS Agent

    Are you aware that bookkeepers who perform BAS services are now regulated in Australia?

    With a Beachside BAS consultant, you are assured that your accounts and reporting are being performed by a bookkeeper registered with the Tax Practitioner’s Board (Company Registration No. 11661005) and compliant with the following:

    • Member of a recognised professional body - Institute of Certified Bookkeepers
    • Attained Certificate IV Financial Services (Bookkeeping)
    • Holds current Professional Insurance covering all aspects of our work
    • Abide by both the ICB & TPB Code of Conduct
    • Meet the required number of hours of professional development per year
    • Perform the necessary number of relevant work hours per year

  • Better forecasting of cash flow and tax debts, as we can offer a variety of financial and management reporting.

  • No more stress, late lodgement and payment penalties for failing to meet deadlines for BAS and PAYG lodgement  (with us you get an extra month extension too!)

  • Smooth-flowing and efficient administration systems, where files can also be found effortlessly.
  • Keep your filing and policies up-to-date.
  • More value for your money and high quality workmanship, as our bookkeepers are “more than just bookkeepers”.

  • Use of latest technology and services. As we are partnered with Reckon and MYOB, we are also kept up to date with their latest software. We can also help you choose the best accounting software for your business, purchase at wholesale prices, install and train, plus have priority access to their support if needed.
  • By engaging bookkeepers who are up-to-date with the latest information, as we are members of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, regularly networking with other bookkeepers.

  • We can liaise direct with your accountant and ATO with any information needed.

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