This guide contains 50 pages of up-to-date information on everything workplace-related. It is to arm people entering the workforce with tips on looking for work and budgeting their wage and, knowledge of their rights and obligations as employees. 

Know how to check if you’re on the right amount of pay; learn how much leave you are entitled to; understand the difference between being a casual and full-time employee; be able to decipher your payslip; see if you’re missing out on any benefits.

All your questions (now and in the future) are answered in one place.

The table of contents is listed below so you can see what topics may apply to you. It is a handy reference guide for when certain areas of employment pop up at different times.

Table of Contents - current version available for download v2019.1:


1. Minimum Age 

2. Resume and Cover Letter

2.1 Creating your resume 
2.2 Writing your cover letter 

3. Looking for work
3.1 Where to Look
3.2 Applying for Work

4. Trial Periods


5. Get your finger out!
5.1 Apply for a Tax File Number
5.1.1 What is a Tax File Number and why do I need one?
5.1.2 How to apply for a Tax File Number 
5.2 Open a bank account
5.3 Become a member of a superannuation fund
5.3.1 What is super
5.3.2 Sign up to fund of your choice

6. Information expected at start of employment
6.1 Tax File Number declaration form
6.2 Super Choice Form
6.3 Fair Work Information Statement
6.4 Other bits and bobs

7. Probationary Periods, Training and Meetings

8. Your rights and entitlements
8.1 Who Says? – The Fair Work Ombudsman
8.2 National Employment Standards (hours of work, leave entitlements)
8.3 Employment Contract, Enterprise Agreement or Modern Award
8.3.1 What am I employed under?
8.3.2 Common Modern Awards
8.3.3 Navigating an Award
8.3.4 What’s my rate of pay?
8.3.5 Case study navigating an Award
8.4 Getting Paid
8.4.1 Understanding Your Payslip
8.4.2 Timing of payment
8.4.3 Cash wages
8.4.4 When can I expect a pay rise?
8.5 Rosters and Breaks
8.5.1 Rosters
8.5.2 Breaks
8.6 No deductions for breakages and cash register discrepancies
8.7 Superannuation
8.7.1 Superannuation Guarantee
8.7.2 Additional Super
8.7.3 Payment of Superannuation
8.8 Workers Compensation

9. Casual vs Permanent

10. Budgeting your wage
10.1 Managing your bank accounts
10.2 What’s your budget
10.3 Money management resources
10.4 Credit Cards


11. What to do if my employer is not doing the right thing?
11.1 How to approach your employer
11.2 Where to go for mediation

12. Leaving Employment
12.1 Give the required amount of notice
12.2 Request a reference
12.3 Obtain referee details
12.4 Ensure unused leave entitlements are paid out
12.5 Separation Certificate

13. Unfair Dismissal


14. Single-Touch Payroll

15. MyGov account

16. Income Tax
16.1 What is Income Tax
16.2 What it means for you
16.3 How much do you pay?

17. Unions

18. Your credit rating – don’t let it haunt you

19. Do you need an ABN?
19.1 What is an ABN and when would I need it?
19.2 Where to apply for an ABN
19.3 Contractor vs Employee
19.4 Voluntary Withholding Agreement

20. References and Resources

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