Unsure of what software is best for you?

As we are partnered with both Reckon and MYOB, we have access to their latest software and support.

This enables us to advise you on the best software version to meet your unique business’ needs.

Whether you're a manufacturer or retailer requiring stock control and payroll, or a contractor needing job costing and customer invoicing...there will be something to suit your needs and budget. 

Please refer to Reckon and MYOB's list of products for an overview of what each can offer. 

Cloud and desktop versions available in both brands. 

Alternatively, just ring me for guidance. 

You will not get this service in a shop or online!

- someone who understands your business to know whether the software will meet your needs

- someone who asks the questions to ensure your current computer is compatible with software you wish to install

If you're still with me and thinking this is just what you need, then check this out......

Purchase your Reckon or MYOB software through us for discounted rates!

Being partnered with Reckon and MYOB enables us to purchase their software at a much lower rate than the recommended retail price.  Providing you value for money in the first instance. 

Any upgrades released in the first 12 months of your purchase are also accessible for free.  

This keeps you up-to-date with latest software and able to meet your ATO obligations with ease.

So once you have your software, our help does not stop there....

Installation, Implementation and Integration

We can also help with installation of the chosen software on your computer. 

Whether it be on a single computer or multiple users over an office network, we will get it sorted.

And we won't walk away then....

We will ensure before we leave that your other programs are integrating nicely, such as emailing invoices and payslips; Single-Touch-Payroll lodgement; bank feeds; etc.

"But I don't need any software?"

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There is also no need for you to purchase any software if you don't need to.

If you have no need for data entry at your office, then save your money.

We can simply pick up your paperwork and produce information and reports as you require, and then hand over a copy of your complete reconciled data file to your tax agent/accountant at the end of each financial year.

You can still meet all your online ATO obligations by us lodging on your behalf.

Whatever suits your needs!

Help with Training too!

Software Training

After purchasing the product best suited for your needs, we can then install your software, create your own data file customised to your business, and then train you, the business owner, or your staff, fully on its use.

Creation of the data file is a once only procedure and should be performed by a person fully trained in the software.

The correct setup of your data file will allow for easy and efficient data processing and accurate reporting.

Your data file is created specifically for your business, taking into account your own Government and Taxation obligations.

We can then provide full training to you and your staff in all aspects of the software, from data processing and invoicing customers, through to financial reporting and BAS preparation.

A complete user manual customised to your business would also be available.

Depending on the extent of your training needs, whether it is one day or six months, Beachside will be there every step of the way.

We are also one phone call away should you be stuck in your processing and require an answer immediately.


Already using an Accounting Software System?

Are you already using an accounting package and finding it is not giving you the information you need?

Or your data file needs tweaking to suit the changing needs of your business?

Or you simply want to know more about your software package and what it can do for you?

Or even better....

Your business has grown and you need an office assistant that requires full training on the software?

Relax…..we can also help with this.

So all you need to do is contact us….we can do the rest.

By picking up the phone, you can have the best software purchased on your behalf, installed with your own unique data file, and full training provided.

Too easy.....

Deadman's Beach, Nth Stradbroke Isl, QLD


Our Bookkeeping services include:

  • Accounts Receivable

    (From issuing invoices to debt collection)

  • Accounts Payable

    (Data entry of supplier’s invoices/payments to reconciling supplier’s statements)

  • Bank Reconciliations

    (Ensure all bank transactions are included)

  • Payroll Services

    (From weekly payroll processing to Single-Touch-Payroll set-up)


    (Preparation to lodgement)

  • End of Year Checks and Balance

    (Performing reconciliations to ensure your data file is complete for your accountant)

  • Management Accounting

    (Includes job costing, budgeting & cash flow forecasting)

  • Financial Reporting

    (Regular reports to help you manage the business)

Iluka, NSW

Do you require a bookkeeper at your office?

Whether you have your own staff processing the day-to-day transactions, or simply require a bookkeeper to keep your data file up-to-date, we can help.

A lot more business owners these days are managing their business using the financial data provided by their accounting software.

We are flexible and can come to your office for any bookkeeping service.

This can be performed on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis….the choice is yours.

With remote access and your permission, we can even access your computer from our own office!

Do you keep all your receipts in a shoe box?

Fantastic, we can help you too!

We can pick up (or you can deliver) all the required paperwork and process your business transactions at our own office.

We can provide you with financial reporting, BAS Statements and a complete reconciled data file ready for your accountant…….and no-one will ever know it came out of a shoe-box :)

We can do this on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, as frequent as you like.

Alternatively, we can also recommend apps such as Receiptbank, that will capture your receipts and eliminate your shoe-box.


The benefits of having a Beachside BAS Consultant prepare & lodge your BAS, PAYG & IAS, are:

  • No more late nights trying to find all necessary information to complete your forms

  • No more late lodgement penalties & interest on overdue payments

  • No more nasty surprises once your income tax return is lodged to find extra BAS, PAYG or IAS payments also need to be made

Relax at Beachside……..

Chilled seagull

Accurate reporting

A Beachside BAS Consultant will ensure that the software being used to account for your business is set up accurately to report the correct information required to complete your BAS, PAYG & IAS returns.

Extra month to lodge & pay

As we are registered with the Australian Taxation Office for online lodgement of BAS, this enables us an extra month to lodge BAS returns. This in turn gives you, the business owner, an extra month to pay your BAS liability. (Unfortunately, this does not apply to PAYG & IAS returns).

If you wish to take advantage of this time line, please contact us so we can forward to you an “Authority to Act as BAS Agent” form.


We can help with all of your obligations required when employing staff, including reporting to the relevant departments by their deadlines.

  • Set up Payroll System so payroll processing is painless
  • Implement STP online lodgement

  • Keep you informed of changes to the relevant Awards
  • Termination Payments
  • Preparation of Payment Summaries
  • Completion of Superannuation Contribution returns
  • Completion of Worker’s Compensation forms
  • Completion & Lodgement of PAYG returns
  • Reporting for Centrelink, Child Support Agency, etc
  • Payroll Tax
  • Employment Agreements
  • Job Descriptions
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Salary Sacrifice Agreements
  • Employee Policies
  • Annual Appraisal Forms

Again, all of these services can be performed either at your office or mine.

There is no need for you to have your own payroll software if you will not be the one actually using it……all you have to do is text or email me your timesheets.

It’s that easy at Beachside!

Deadman's Beach, Nth Stradbroke Isl, QLD

Management Accounting

With the help of relevant reports, you can gain a better understanding of your business and be more pro-active in its management. These include:

  • Job Costing
    (Allows you to see profit or loss per job/project)
  • Class Tracking
    (Keep track of other branches or different classifications within your business)
  • Historical Analysis
    (Compare to previous years reports so you can see where the business is improving & where it needs improvement)
  • Budgeting
    (Compare your actual costs against your budgeted figures to determine what needs your attention)
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Office Administration

Do you waste a lot of your time on trying to find things? Want to be able to lay your hands on the desired paperwork within seconds? Want your business looking more professional? Is your staff double-handling paperwork and not being cost-effective?

Relax…….we can also help with all of your administrative needs:

  • Revise your administration system & implement changes

  • Set up filing systems & perform the filing of documents

  • Establish Company Policies

  • Establish Procedural Manuals

  • Word Processing

  • Emails

  • Backups

  • Form Templates

Deadman's Beach, Nth Stradbroke Isl, QLD

Trouble Shooting Support

We understand that everyone’s working hours are different.

We are aware that sometimes payroll processing is performed at night once the kids are tucked into bed.

We are also aware that sometimes you just get stuck on something and can’t proceed, and need an answer right now!

This is why a Beachside BAS Consultant is available to support you 24/7.

And if we can’t answer your question immediately, we have the resources to enable us to find your answer.

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